Hyker is not network defence, Hyker protects data anywhere, over time, in transfer and at rest.

For a secure system, there are a number of security categories that needs to be addressed.

The most important:

  1. Endpoint device protection

  2. User access authentication

  3. Data protection

Hyker protects the data by enforcing ownership using cryptography. No third party can access it without explicit permission. This includes cloud suppliers, communication providers or even Hyker itself.

Conventional security approaches require you to address all parts of all systems in the chain. This increases complexity and is expensive. Hyker eliminate these complexities.

Network defence does not protect the data against hackers, or insiders, which are already inside the network. Hyker protects ALL data, wherever it is. A compromised user account will not affect the whole system, only the affected account.

Hyker also provides a unified security model for all data and users of a specific application, regardless where it is hosted or how data is transported. This is contrary to conventional methods which require a security model, and separate management, for every part of the chain.