"Data Security" is one of those buzzwords that people use for many different solutions. It is not a big surprise since most people in IT talk about data all the time, and the need to protect the data. "The value is in the data", "data is the new oil" and so forth.

For instance, "data security", could mean that you offer Data Loss Prevention (DLP) or backup solutions.

Hyker is an encryption oriented service, so when we talk about "data protection" we mean proactively protecting the information in the data by locking it cryptographically. The information is never accessible without the right encryption key, even though you might store the encrypted data in a public cloud environment. Only the devices and people with the right key can access the data, and that is the difficult part of encryption systems, providing the right key to the right user in a fully protected and secret manner. This is the core of the Hyker service; simple automatic key management for any developer or application.