All email providers have spam filters, and occasionally automatic email like ours are interpreted as false positives (wrongly as spam).

When this happens we work with supplier by supplier to solve it, but you might still have your emails ending up in a spam inbox.

To prevent the emails from getting caught in the spam filter, one may greenlight our sender address in your email settings.

This is done a bit differently based on what email client you use.

Do you want help with this? Create a support ticket:

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Go to your oulook web mail (
  2. Choose settings - Options
  3. Under Options - Mail choose Safe senders
  4. Enter
  5. Click + to add the entry
  6. Click Save

Google Gmail

  1. Click on the downward pointing arrow to the right of the search field.
  2. Enter into the "from" field:
  3. Click Create Filter
  4. Check the box "never send to spam"
  5. Save


Other email providers will have similar settings.