Sometimes you might end up with many teams in a workspace, making it difficult to keep track of everything, especially when there are so many teams that they do not fit the screen. 

Konfident has some tools to help you organise everything for you.

NB. These tools are personal, giving you the freedom to organise your work to your liking without messing things up for other users. Every user has their own view of the teams they are members of.

Sorting the Teams list

When you create a new team, it will be sorted alphabetically from A to Z. By clicking the A->Z icon you toggle sorting A->Z and Z->A.

Searching for a specific team by filtering the Teams list

You can filter the teams list to display only those teams that contain a particular word or characters. 

Click on the filter field and start typing and you will see the list being filtered as you type.

Organise in Categories

If you have many Teams in your workplace it can be convenient to sort them in Categories. 

It could for instance be used to group all Teams for a specific client or department.

Right-click in the Teams panel to bring up the pop-up menu and select Create Category. Enter the Category name. 

In the example below, we created the Category "Customers".

To add Teams to a Category you simply drag and drop them to the Category.

When you move the mouse over the Teams they will be highlighted, and a handle is shown to the right of the Team name. 

Position the mouse over that handle and the pointer is changed into a hand showing that you now can grab the team. 

Click and hold with your mouse and drag the Team to the Category you want to organise it under.

Click the Category name to hide and show the list of Teams of a Category.