(This function is only available to normal users and hidden for limited users) 

1. Click the button labelled “Add a Teammate”.

2. Start typing the identity (e.g. the email address) of the teammate.

3. If the identity already is a user of the same workspace it will appear in the list.

4. If the identity is new, you will get the option to click “+ Invite Teammate”. 

5. Now you have to choose the level of security the invited user should use to access the team. You can choose between simple email verification and more advanced, and secure, 2-factor authentication (2FA)

6. Finally you must decide what type of user you are inviting. Konfident has two types of users; normal user or limited user.


The limited user can share and download documents, but cannot change teams, invite new teammates or delete documents.

Read here about how to change an existing user.

Login methods

2FA with E-mail and phone number

The most common form of adding another factor for authentication is to combine the e-mail address with sending an SMS with a unique link that the user must click (or tap) to log in.

When you invite a new teammate that should use this method of login you need to enter the e-mail address and the users mobile phone number.

The user that logs in with this method will receive both an e-mail and an SMS message with unique links that the user must click (or tap) on to enter. When both have been accepted the user can enter the workspace.

Upgrading 2FA to COVR app

A user with 2FA as a login method can choose to upgrade their account to use an external mobile app instead. This simplifies the login method to a one-step notification in the app, where the user uses a code or biometrics, like a fingerprint or face recognition depending on the make of the phone, to log in. Besides being a much easier way to log in, it is also much safer form a security point of view, since both e-mail accounts and SMS messages have been known to be breached by hackers.

Read more about how to upgrade to COVR here.

Using Bank ID (NB. only in Sweden)

In Sweden, we have a common standard for 2-factor authentication used by all major banks and many other services, the Swedish Bank ID. This can also be used to log in to a Konfident user account.

To invite a team member that should use BankID to log in you first need to provide the users "personnummer" or Swedish social security number. You also need to provide the user's e-mail address to provide a channel for all notifications to the user from Konfident.

The user receives an invitation email with a link to click on to activate the account and log in.

The next time the user tries to log in he or she clicks on the BankID login and authorizes access by using the BankID app.